As at the end of Q3 AST SpaceMobile had 217,880,164 outstanding and they were split across the following three classes as follows:

wdt_ID Share Class Number of shares Difference to previous quarter
1 Class A 89,675,329 +270,910
2 Class B 50,041,757 0
3 Class C 78,163,078 0
4 Total 217,880,164 +270,910

There was a small increase in shares outstanding during Q3, AST didn’t use their ATM facility at all which is interesting with strategic funding very close!

For the first time we have included the SpaceMob in the share count, between 73 of us we own 2,693,772 shares meaning the free float is much smaller going into a crucial period for the company.

There are 172,487,631 (Q2 – 173,333,047) shares owned by insiders, employees, strategic partners and institutions meaning there are 45,392,533 (Q2 – 44,276,207) left in the free float.

As at 29/09/2023 there were 19,641,753 shares sold short meaning 43.27% (Q2 – 40.06%) of the float is short, which places AST SpaceMobile as one of the most short sold stocks by percentage.

See below for a full list of the companies, funds, insiders and employees included in the calculation.