As at the end of Q2 AST SpaceMobile had 217,609,254 outstanding and they were split across the following three classes as follows:

wdt_ID Share Class Number of shares Difference to previous quarter
1 Class A 89,404,419 +17,526,860
2 Class B 50,041,757 0
3 Class C 78,163,078 0
4 Total 217,609,254 +17,526,860

Due to the offering late in Q2 there was a large increase in Class A shares in the quarter. As a result the amount of shares owned by funds also increased, but not by the same margin resulting in a bigger free float.

There are 173,333,047 (Q1 – 158,725,050) shares owned by insiders, employees, strategic partners and institutions meaning there are 44,276,207 (Q1 – 41,357,344) left in the free float.

As at 31/07/2023 there were 17,736,958 shares sold short meaning 40.06% (Q1 – 41.02%) of the float is short, which places AST SpaceMobile as one of the most short sold stocks by percentage.

See below for a full list of the companies, funds, insiders and employees included in the calculation.